Oscar Del Amor


Oscar Del Amor is an EDM/Indie artist whom I've worked with for five years now. Oscar has co-written songs on the Billboard Dance Club Charts. Reaching #9 with Jaki Nelson’s - “Uh Oh” and #29 with Jaki Nelson’s - “What We Wanna Do” for a total of 17 weeks on the Billboard Dance charts. Oscar has also appeared on Hardwell’s Revealed Records, Bare Chill Records, and has worked on releases for Kanye West's G.O.O.D Music Label working closely with spoken word/poet Malik Yusef. Oscar was previously known for his performance, production and writing in the rock-industrial band Violet Winter.

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Five of Five Entertainment (VOVE)



Five of Five Entertainment (VOVE) is a student-run record label on the campus of California State University, Northridge. Every year, college seniors who work at the label are required to scout out an artist, produce their EP, and throw an EP release party. There are five teams– Artist & Repertoire, Production, Live Events, Business Affairs, and Marketing. The label is run by two student co-executives. I worked as Lead Designer on the Marketing team this semester.

This year, we selected an alternative rock/grunge band called Madus. They were set to perform on April 4th for the release of their EP, Magna Tristi, but unfortunately the show (like all others) was cancelled due to Covid-19. These posters were set to go to print before news had come about the California state-wide lockdown.


*Madus logo and live photos were designed/taken by their respective designers/photographers. Jennerate Art only has design credit for the usage of logo/photos in these later created marketing materials.

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CSUN Songwriters


CSUN Songwriters is a club of aspiring creatives at California State University, Northridge. I was a part of this club as well, so as an artist and musician myself, I drew from my previous experiences when creating this logo. The original concept for the logo was created in part by Ryan Zin, who is also a member of the CSUN Songwriters club.


The goal of the club is to inspire college-aged musicians to create and share original music with other like-minded creatives.  Genres represented in the club change every year, and include everything from pop/singer songwriter to experimental, indie, rock and roll, RnB, and Hip Hop.


Inland Valley Repertory Theatre

Inland Valley Repertory Theatre Company (IVRT) was founded in 1990, by Frank & Donna Marie Minano, with the goals of presenting high quality local theatrical productions to promote the talents of aspiring actors of all ages.

During its initial ten year run, and now since its successful re-launch in 2007, IVRT has remained true to its vision by consistently producing critically-acclaimed and award-winning theatrical works, which have garnered widespread honors such as the Rancho Cucamonga Community Foundation’s Primavera Award for "Outstanding Contributions to the Arts".

IVRT is a non-profit, regional theatre company that has performed throughout the Inland Valley in various venues. In 2007, IVRT announced an alliance with the Candlelight Pavilion and the "Wednesdays Just Got Dramatic" concept was born. 




TranquiliCH'I is a feng shui and interior design company founded by Brigitte Fischer. Brigitte is an International Feng Shui Guild certified specialist who has been practicing the art of Feng Shui for many years.

TranquiliCH'I is about using the principles of feng shui to bring change and support to how you live by creating movement, enhancing balance and lifting the energy of your space.


Jenny McNabb Music

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Yes, that's me! Aside from art, I also write and perform my own music. My first EP, Identity, is a representation of what I do, both visually and sonically.


If you've made it this far, here's a little bio off of my music website: In addition to design, I am a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and conductor. I have been creating music of all styles since age 7. My songwriting and composing style encompasses a broad range of different genres from Alternative Rock to Pop and Jazz. My performing background has included everything from solo singing and self accompaniment to being a band leader, to conducting a professional orchestra at California State University, Northridge. And if you don't believe me, you can see all of this for yourself at! (just click the link above!)

9 Auspicious Fishes

Now formally known as TranquiliCH'I, 9 Auspicious Fishes is a Feng Shui company created and organized by one of my clients, Brigitte Fischer. In creating this design, I had to learn about the art and practice of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the Chinese art of arranging objects in a room so that the energy "flows" in a natural way throughout the space they occupy.


The design focus around one of the universal symbols in Feng Shui: the scene of eight orange goldfish next to one black goldfish, which represents luck and good fortune. 9 is considered a lucky number in the art of Feng Shui, hence the name 9 Auspicious Fishes.

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