Various Projects: 2010–2021

High on Your Love
Stormy Monday
Lost in Time
Fortress of the Blood Moon
Glacial Heat
Through the Looking Glass
Long Live Rock n' Roll
Siege Over Broken Hearts
Seing Quadruple


100% Pure Feminine Angst
Double Vision
Futile Effort
Love Lamp (3)
Love Lamp (2)
Love Lamp (1)
Freedom of Expression
Autumn River
Savannah Sunset
Vector Desert
Vector Island
Spooky Swampland

The Human Experience (2015)

Hand of an Artist
The Phoenix
Power to the People
Making Friends
Taking in the Scenery
Paint the Town
Illuminating the Future
One With the Universe
A Puzzling Predicament
Stole My Heart
Feelin' the Music
Time is Ticking

Myths of the Mind (2016)

Dreaming in Digits
Savannah Satyress
Three Wishes
The Centaur
Medusa and her Victims
Diamond Alien
Moonlight Fairy
Cosmic Mermaid
Lunar Longing
Take to the Skies
Dual Dimensions